Blink(1) The usb RGB LED

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We according to Blink (1) original principle diagram of the redesigned PCB, using MicroUSB interface, more compact and convenient! The official software control perfect compatibility, each piece has a unique serial number can be used for IFTTT!



NOTE:Is the use of the advantages of MicroUSB, Blink (1) can be placed in any position, this is especially convenient for desktop computer, you can use double-sided adhesive paste to Blink (1) any a striking position.


Rev 1.0   2015.05

The first version(首个版本)


Rev 1.1   2016.03

PCB update for gold-plate。(PCB更新为沉金工艺)

LED update for matt effect,Very beautiful!(LED更新为雾面效果)

The use of reflow soldering,Very neat!(使用自动回流焊焊接)

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